What we take it for granted

I have been busy in my life these days, waking up in the morning and then hastily go to work and then work for long hours and then come back home.  Sleep and restart over again for next day.  This is how life is 5 out of 7 days.

I don’t really feel sicked of this or want to complain about this. I actually enjoy non-idle life.  But I want to smile or feel amused to think about life other way around.  Most of us have been working hard and trying to meet deadlines and worry about the near or far future. We plan and plan. Many of us might have 401K saving and,  for me I don’t know if I will ever use that money. You never know what life can happen to you. Especially, in the financial district area where I am working I see busy businessmen every day, with their minds planing or sailing for the future which we never know it may exist or not.

Our daily actions and thoughts go on by taking for granted that we ourselves or the people we know will still be alive ” tomorrow”.

However, actually when thinking about life. I think life is pretty fragile. Just think of holding your breath for more than 5 mins. Your brain cells could die and thus your life can be gone.  Think of Haiti or Chile. That kind of natural disasters can happen to any of us at any time.  Everday I commute to work by subway and I could be on train with bomb planted by terrorists. Or if I am driving daily, I could have accidents and life can be taken away there.  If I don’t eat for 3 or more days, I could die. If I don’t drink water for several days, life can be taken away. Then, there are still plenty of diseases that can take life away.

This is how our life is fragile.  We continue to live by taking care of ourselves in many ways from time to time, such as feeding, sleeping. Without continuation of such taking care, we could stop living.  Some of the factors to keep us alive are in our hand and some are out of our control.

Because of my such gloomy picture of life, I don’t mean we have to stop working and feel sad about life. I think we still have to do what we need to do as to go on life. On the other hand, it is damn true that any of us can disappear at any time. So work hard but at the same time chill out?

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