Game changers of the future

Lately, I have been thinking about where the world is heading in terms of advancement in our human civilizations.

When you look at 16th century or 500 years ago, you will see technology and science revolution is the game changer in becoming a different world as we know now today, where Western hemisphere countries rose up from a relatively small and impoverished nations to super power nations with economic and technological power houses.

So what does the future hold for its game changers? By looking at current trends and past history, I found the following three driving forces that will shape the future lied ahead in next 200 or 300 years on.

1. Alternative energy – safe, vast and virtually inexhaustible source of energy  to meet the demands of ever growing living standards and populations. Of course, this will also include or be a part of sustainable development.

2. Smart environment –  From manufacturing to service, when we interlace how we do things now with the use of IT, we will achieve maximum efficiency in everything we do and further optimizations of products and services. Specifically, here we are talking about data crunching and analysis, artificial intelligence, ubiquitous computing.

3. Life science – with ever improving discovery and research, people lives and healthcare will be improved vastly in future, to a degree we human might be to go beyond the course of natural evolution.

To achieve or acquire these game changers, you will need a smart government (small but decisive government bold enough to make right decisions and take actions with foresight and vision), science and technology focused education, and thriving entrepreneurship for spurring the drive of innovations faster than ever. Of course, last but not least we need global peace and stability to safely hatch incubation of these innovations.

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