Paradox of religious freedom

Religious freedom is a very acceptable concept to any man of reasoning. It is something we should all cherish and allows us to live peacefully when religions are nothing but  part of our personal beliefs.

But then, what if there is a religion such that its prevailing practices stifle or do not tolerate religious freedom of other religions, and perhaps even  women rights, education and intellectual freedom. Then promoting of such religion is also defeating the religious freedom, thus creating a paradox.

In today’s world, we might not or may be should not speak out such openly due to political correctness. We must try to avoid all sorts of conflicts and violence to promote peace and prosperity. But at the same time it should not prevent us from making sound policies and smart decisions. We should not be fooled by sugar-coated words, our own subtle concepts and ideologies but to think critically and act justly.

Otherwise, others could be exploiting our liberties to end our liberties.

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